I am humbled to hear...

'Got Naina's reference through a friend during the most trying times of Covid-19, when stress was possibly at its peak!! Naina heard me out entirely and suggested some very simple and basic changes which helped not only manage stress but also improve my productivity and my family life . A month later am still following her recommendations and benefitting from the same. I have recommended her to most people and will continue to do so."

' I would like to really thank you for our counselling sessions. On Balance Counselling helped me address my inner concerns when I suffering from depression back then. I would really like to appreciate your effort in understanding my situation and would like to also express my heartful gratitude to you. Your weekly sessions motivated me to re-charge. This had a huge impact on me and I felt peaceful thereafter".

'Firstly, I would like show my appreciation for the patience you have shown in understanding the key issues for which I decided to seek counselling. I felt an urgent need to delve deeper and address all the negatives that I felt I had. This was evident to me after I lost my beloved mother and the pandemic situation that came about. My entire perception of counselling changed after I interacted with you. We all need a go-to person at every stage in our life and there is no weakness in acknowledging that. I am very thankful that through therapy you helped me address my thoughts and concerns. (I am also very thankful to the close friend who had reccomended your name to me). When I was undergoing therapy, some close friends noticed that they had noticed my change in behaviour which was really pleasing to hear. Your patience in understanding, evaluating and accessing the issues were commendable. Thank you Naina. for the assistance you have given".

"From those dark thoughts a way out seemed impossible to me a few weeks ago. The courage to speak up was an immense decision but whom to speak was a concern. The counselling sessions was like it was with a friend who sees you as you are. Oftentimes, she uncovered many underlying traumatic experiences breathing within. She did this from normal conversations. She ensures that help is administered not through medicines but by your own self. Making you empowered and self-compassionate when you walk out into the world. She smiles and you will smile along that's the magic. Thank you for the balance, On Balance Counselling!"

"There are few people with whom you want time to stop. Simply because their presence and conversations leave you feeling good about yourself. I feel positive and hopeful again. And if your consellor turns out to be that person, you'd never want the sessions to end. Never mind the fact that she helped you find your strength and independence again so that you go out and live a life with renewed self-confidence. Thank you Naina, for really listening to me. Thank you for making me reflect upon my own thoughts, see new perspectives and draw my own conclusions. Speaking openly and comfortably about my issues, challenges and adversities greatly helped me in improving my overall life-condition and state of mind. I feel aligned with my feelings again. My self-esteem and confidence has improved. Thank you for making me understand myself better".

"Whatever I write about Naina will not do her justice. Therapy with her was so fulfilling. I loved that there was a plan, there were goals and we worked on it together. She genulnely wanted me to get better and she guided me through years and years of issues. It literally changed my life. I now think differently about myself because of Naina. Her intentions are so genuine, so caring and she gave me so many AHA moments. I will forever be grateful for the guidence she has given me and I will forever be grateful to her for opening my eyes and letting me value myself more. Thank you Naina. It has been one of the most important expriences of my life. You are doing a great service to us all. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you :)"